Max Payne 3 'Local Justice' maps: Overhead images and tips

Rockstar offers blueprints and tips to those grabbing the new maps

If you plan to download tomorrow's 'Local Justice' DLC maps for Max Payne 3, you might want to check out these handy over-head schematic images from Rockstar.


The developer has released high-res birds-eye view images of all three maps, with annotated tips for things like ideal sniper positions, kill spots and danger areas.

We've uploaded them below at full resolution so you can zoom right in on the details of each map and check out the captions inserted by Rockstar, and hopefully get a head-start on other players tomorrow.

The DLC pack adds three maps, '55th Battalion HQ', which will work with all game modes, along with the Imperial Palace and Departure Lounge maps, which will only be available for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer modes.

It's out tomorrow, July 3, on Xbox and PS3, and July 17 on PC. Check out a trailer here.