Xbox World's 20 smartest developers today

The men and women shaping the future of gaming

Behind every great game there's a great developer. Whether it's 12 friends in a small office or a staff of 200 with a multimillion dollar budget, it's the people - or rather, the culmination of their drive, vision and skill - that makes a game what it is.

Across these pages we've picked the 20 key developers shaping the future of Xbox. Some are masters of story, others of character or tech, but they're all ones to watch.


Jonathan Jacques-BelletÍte
Studio: Eidos Montreal
Twitter: @jonatchoo
Current Project: Unknown
Career Highlight: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Shaping the future by: Designing worlds you can believe in
BelletÍte and his team mastered fashion, industrial design and architecture to make Human Revolution the most complete sci-fi vision ever in a game. Heaving with lived-in environments and credible brands, all game worlds should be built BelletÍte's way.


John Carmack
Studio: Id Software
Twitter: @id_aa_carmack
Current Project: Doom 4
Career Highlight: Quake 3
Shaping the future by: Writing code like Neo from The Matrix
Id's technical director invented the FPS, will kick your ass with jiu-jitsu and judo, and builds game engines half a generation ahead of the curve. Next stop? Space, with new rocket company Armadillo Aerospace.


Michel Ancel
Studio: Ubisoft
Twitter: None
Current Project: Beyond Good & Evil 2
Career Highlight: Beyond Good & Evil
Shaping the future by: Taking risks with creative games
Beyond Good & Evil may not have been the hit Ubisoft hoped, but it established Ancel as a creative force. The handpainted visuals in his latest, Rayman Origins, proves there's plenty of life in 2D.

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