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PS Vita jumps again in Japan

Plus, Nintendo's 3DS dominance continues

Sony executives are enjoying a PlayStation Vita sales jump for the second time in three weeks.


The handheld, which despite a successful launch failed to pick up sales momentum, has again climbed the Japan hardware charts with about 22,500 unit sales.

Towards the end of June, Sony was enjoying one of PS Vita's best weeks since the handheld launched, recording about 35,000 sales. That fell to about 13,500 units the following week, before climbing again by about 9,000 unit sales.

Meanwhile, Nintendo continues to dominate the market with its popular 3DS handheld. Nintendo shipped about 65,000 units last week, roughly the same performance as the week prior.

The Japan games hardware chart can be found below (Previous week)

  • 3DS - 65,267 (68,056)
  • Vita - 22,638 (13,589)
  • PS3 - 16,399 (15,680)
  • PSP - 11,461 (8,954)
  • Wii - 6,880 (6,127)
  • Xbox 360 - 861 (1,073)
  • PS2 - 490 (1,065)
  • DSi - 657 (704)

Click the following link for Japan games software charts

[ SOURCE: Translation: Andriasang ]