Dead Or Alive 5 gets swimsuit Collector's Edition

A metal case, a book, the soundtrack and some skimpy outfits

Dead or Alive 5 is up to the series' old tricks with a new Collector's Edition that offers buyers skimpy outfits for the ladies in the game.


The GameStop-exclusive Collector's Edition comes in a nice metal box that contains the game, a soundtrack CD, an art book, a Dead Or Alive 5 'I'm a Fighter' Poster, and of course the obligatory "Premium Swimsuit Costumes for the full cast of playable female characters in the game".

There's no mention of any skimpy outfits for the male characters though, so expect a "ban this sexist filth" explosion about it on Twitter any moment now.

It's $80 at GameStop, who are taking pre-orders now. Tecmo Koei has confirmed a Dead or Alive 5 release date of September 25 in the US and September 28 in the UK.

Via Shack.

[ SOURCE: GameStop ]