Max Payne 3 cheater pool is now live

Cheaters will be quarantined

Rockstar Games promised to penalise any cheaters in Max Payne 3, and now that promise has become a reality. Cheaters: you've been warned.


Cheating is lame. Rockstar Games is well aware of this, and that's why they've created the Max Payne 3 cheater pool. From today, anyone caught using hacked saves, modded games, or any other methods of cheating, will be placed in a dedicated cheater pool, where Rockstar says they will "wallow with other unscrupulous reprobates."

If you're unsure about how the cheater pool works, Rockstar has set up a cheater pool FAQ to answer all your questions. The FAQ gives you the appropriate email address to inform Rockstar of a cheater, and also how to defend yourself if you wrongly end up in the cheater pool.

If you don't want to find yourself in the cheater pool, best to give up cheating and play a good honest game.