Kinect Sesame Street TV coming 'this autumn'

New interactive TV project not just coming to 360, says Microsoft Soho Studios

A new Kinect-powered collaboration between Microsoft and Sesame Street is coming to Xbox 360 and "in a multitude of different ways" this Autumn, according to Microsoft Soho Studios' director of game design Josh Atkins.


Kinect Sesame Street TV is a new interactive TV-style game in development at Microsoft's (relatively) new studio in Soho, London. Thus far, the developer is most famous for producing the Sky Player on 360.

The game was previously billed as a 360 exclusive, but the game's design director hinted that it could reach a far wider audience during a presentation at the Develop conference this afternoon.

"It's coming out this fall, we haven't announced a specific date yet but it will be coming out on Xbox and in a multitude of different ways," said Atkins. "When I get asked how it's being released I can't answer that question in great detail, other than say that any way that you can get TV, this product will be released." He later added that Kinect Sesame Street TV is "not exclusive to retail"

Microsoft is working closely with the Sesame Street team to produce eight "episodes" of the interactive TV series. Atkins also said of Kinect: "It's a beast. It's very difficult to work with but when it does work, it's magic."