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Minecraft not confirmed for Ouya, says Mojang

Despite the claims of the promo material

Insanely popular block building game Minecraft has not been confirmed for the new Android-based games console Ouya, despite its promo materials stating otherwise.


A promo video on the Ouya Kickstarter page states decisively that Minecraft will be on it.

"We have a prototype and it works," says founder and CEO Julie Uhrman in the video. "We'll have all the game genres you love. We'll have games from major publishers and indies too. We'll have a full store of games. All free to play.

"Minecraft is going to be on it," she adds as the video clearly shows a Minecraft icon in the dashboard of what looks like a working version of Ouya's content store, followed by in-game footage.

But according to Penny Arcade's Ben Kuchera, the "official word" from Minecraft maker Mojang is that it's not yet confirmed.

"Just got official word from Mojang. The Ouya video is wrong, Minecraft is not for sure coming. The FAQ is right: it may come later," Kuchera said via Twitter.

The Ouya page does, however, address the topic of Minecraft in a Q&A section below, in which it states, "Mojang has committed that Minecraft (and their other games) will be on OUYA -- but only if we prove that we can make a great product (that's our job) AND enough people want their games (that's your job)."

Support for the Android-based Ouya games console is smashing expectations, with its Kickstarter target of $950,000 being passed within a few hours and that figure currently sitting at $4,174,249.