F1 Race Stars vision is 'a game everyone can enjoy - before or after the pub'

Massive part of audience want 'more entertainment than simulation,' says Codies

Codemasters have explained the vision behind just-announced F1 spin-off F1 Race Stars, telling CVG it's about delivering a game "everyone can enjoy".


Speaking in an F1 Race Stars interview, senior producer Chris Gray said he hopes the arcade racer will satisfy the "massive part of [the F1] audience that want more entertainment than simulation."

"It was very much our vision from the outset to create an F1 game that everyone could enjoy, be that kids, family and friends, or mates before and after the pub," he explained.

"The game has been built from the ground up to be a social multiplayer experience, but one that supports playing to have fun, not just to win. You only have to look at the trailer to see that what we're offering with F1 Race Stars is very different to anything we've done before."

Despite Codemasters' existing F1 sim titles being both critically and commercially successful, Gray outlined the portion of the audience who will likely find more appeal from a more arcade-style racer.

"F1 is by far and away the world's biggest motorsport with viewing figures that make your eyes bleed. Our F1 releases up until now have done well for us both critically and commercially, but there's a massive part of that audience that want more entertainment than simulation.

"Having the opportunity to take what is a serious sport, and turn it completely on its head with a playful twist - both in the visuals and the game play - has been great fun, and given us something that never fails to make people smile. More often than not, that usually means you're on to something."

F1 Race Stars is due for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in November.