Borderlands boasts 'highest DLC attach-rate on 360'

Plus, dev budget 'doubles' for sequel; Marketing spend 'will be crazy'

The first Borderlands has the highest DLC attach-rate than any other game on Xbox 360, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has told CVG.


In a new interview, published today as part of a hands-on preview, Pitchford claimed that the game has "the highest attach rate of anything this generation".

"When people love something, they tend to love it a lot," the Gearbox co-founder said.

"I'm really gratified by that more than anything else. It's what makes us fight the good fight. You kill yourself. You work day and night. You put your soul into something, and you hope that the outcome is that people will like what you've created."

It is not clear whether the same feat has been achieved with the PlayStation 3 and PC editions of the popular shooter. Pitchford's claim specifically was that "Microsoft told us that Borderlands had the highest attach rate of any DLC".

Gearbox is months away from launching the game's highly anticipated sequel and Pitchford claims that the studio "spent about twice as much on development as we did in the first game".

"The marketing behind this is going to be crazy compared to the first game," he added.

CVG understands that the first Borderlands sold more than four million copies and the final figure could be closer to five million, though this could not be verified. If the sequel matches the same success, Pitchford is keeping his options open for a third edition in the series.

"We'll see where we are after Borderlands 2. We do have incredible momentum behind this series now," he said.

"There is an incredible passion, and if it's a commercial success there will be hopes that we'll keep that going, so I do expect at least that there would be DLC for Borderlands 2.
"We haven't announced anything - our focus is to ship Borderlands 2 - but as I say there's a great passion from the team and a great momentum commercially, so I do think this will lead to DLC."

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