DICE to discuss Battlefield innovations at GDC Europe

Studio talk announced as EA reveals Battlefield 4 project

Karl Magnus Troedsson, the manager of Battlefield studio DICE, is to host a speaker session at GDC Europe to examine the history of the shooter franchise.

DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson

The event's organiser said Troedsson's talk will focus on "how to innovate in a long running franchise, build and support a loyal fan base, and transform gaming from a fire-and-forget business to living, breathing entertainment entity".

The speaker session will also reflect on DICE's twenty years in business, as well as a decade of the Battlefield franchise.

Troedsson's talk has, perhaps coincidentally, been announced in the same week that parent company EA revealed the Battlefield 4 project.

CVG will be in attendance at the GDC Europe talk.

GDC Europe, an event for game developers and industry professionals, runs from August 13th to 15th and leading into Gamescom.

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