Football Manager: First ever premium DLC, short-term price cut announced

Extra Challenge Mode scenarios for FM Handheld 2012 priced at 69p each

Sega has announced details of the first premium DLC in Football Manager's history.


Introduced with the latest update for Football Manager Handheld 2012, the DLC comes in the form of two optional Challenges: 'Austerity Measures' and 'You Can't Win Anything With Kids'. The update is out now on Android and soon to be released on iOS.

Football Manager Handheld's Challenge Mode debuted in the 2012 release, and presents users with a series of Challenges in addition to the ongoing management simulation. The two newly announced Challenges are priced at 69p each and are accessible through a new 'Store' button on the game's home screen.

"Since the introduction of the Challenge Mode, we've had a lot of positive feedback from players, many of whom asked for more of the same," said Miles Jacobson, studio director of developer Sports Interactive. "The introduction of these extra Challenges allows us not only to address this demand but also to gauge our customers' appetite for extra, optional content of this type."

To coincide with today's news, Football Manager 2012 is currently available at reduced prices until July 23 - the PC and Mac edition is available via Steam at a reduction of 40 percent, while both versions of FM Handheld are currently priced at £2.99 (down from £6.99).

Last month Jacobson spoke publicly for the first time about the events which led to the Championship Manager team defecting to Sega and establishing its eminent rival, Football Manager.

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