Second round of layoffs hit the BioWare Austin team

More staff let go as Star Wars: The Old Republic studio is restructured

EA has confirmed that the restructuring of the BioWare Austin team began in May, and is still going.


While not directly linked to the the departure of Rich Vogel - Star Wars: The Old Republic producer - EA has confirmed that the layoffs at the BioWare Austin studio have been ongoing since May, with today marking the second round.

It was announced in May and detailed at E3, that the BioWare Austin team was refining Star Wars: The Old Republic "to continue to grow the game and the service", a BioWare spokesperson told GameIndustry International.

The spokesperson continued to explain that with any MMO, "the size and skill set of the teams needed to maintain the game is different than the ones that built it."

It seems EA sees layoffs as a necessary element to continue the growth of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The spokesperson has said that "some people have been platooned to other projects at BioWare Austin and EA SPORTS/Austin. Others have been released - qualifying personnel receive severance and outplacement assistance."

The spokesperson concluded with: "In the weeks ahead, we will announce plans for growing SWTOR with new content, new players and new ways to play."

No replacement for Vogel has been named as of yet, and it remains unclear what the restructuring means exactly for the BioWare Austin team.