BioWare Mythic versus CVG on the free-to-play debate

We face-off with industry veteran Eugene Evans to debate microtransactions, pay-to-win schemes and ownership issues

The free-to-play business model routinely courts controversy yet there is no definitive, unifying reasons as to why. When examining the views of the CVG community, it appears there's no consensus on why some people dislike it and why others have no problems.

BioWare Mythic studio manager Eugene Evans

Some opponents mention pay-to-win schemes, others say the model turns game creators into economists, while a few appear terrified of playing anything outside of their perception of what a classic triple-A game is.

But there's no central, driving issue here. It seems inevitable that the free-to-play model would be divisive - anything that disrupts the status quo will nearly always achieve this feat.

To bring a bit more clarity to the situation, CVG met with Eugene Evans, the general manger at BioWare Mythic, to discuss three key concerns of the free-to-play model.

BioWare Mythic's new project, the free-to-play Ultima Forever

Evans's team is currently at work on Ultima Forever, a free-to-play reboot of the pioneering action-RPG series, so the development team will be particularly cognisant of issues surrounding free-to-play.

Before we begin, the most vehement opponents of free-to-play should bear in mind that Evans is, in fact, not evil. He's lovely. And the nature of his answers suggests he is trying to address concerns as opposed to brushing them off. Does he win the argument? Most of the time, yes.

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