Just 4% of Ubisoft cash comes from PS Vita and 3DS games

Nintendo and Sony handhelds dwarfed by Xbox 360 and PS3 sales

New handhelds contributed just four per cent of Ubisoft's total revenue for the recent quarter, financial documents show.


Money made from Ubisoft's Nintendo 3DS games amounted to just two per cent of the publisher's total revenues. Its PlayStation Vita games, such as Rayman Origins and Asphault injection, also contributed two per cent of total income. Nintendo DS games amassed about 1 per cent, as did PSP games.
The figures, found in Ubisoft's latest first-quarter earnings report, shows that the entire handheld segment currently holds a six per cent share of the firm's games business. Wii games alone contributed seven per cent.

Ubisoft posted total game sales of €131 million for the three month period across April and June.

It means that 3DS games contributed about €2.5 million of that total, as did Sony's PS Vita.

By comparison, Xbox 360 games amassed 42 per cent - roughly €55 million - which is about ten times the money made through Sony and Nintendo's new handhelds.

A full breakdown can be found below.