Kingdom Hearts 3D launch trailer

Square Enix RPG hits 3DS today

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance hit shop shelves in UK today, so it's only fitting that we check out the launch trailer.


US gamers will have to wait until July 31 for their slice of the action, but that'll give you more time to contemplate whether you still want it after this NGamer Kingdom Hearts 3D review, which gives the game a 7.2/10 score.

Their verdict? "[Dream Drop Distance is] a game that thrills in small doses, and translates most of the series' better traits to the 3DS with real flair. However, over long distances it quickly runs out of steam, thanks to a number of questionable design choices. If you've put up with the series until now there's a good chance you'll have fun with this one, but for us it's yet more evidence of Kingdom Hearts' faded glory."

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