Quantum Conundrum DLC adds new levels 'later this summer'

Two level packs 'The Desmond Debacle' and 'IKE-aramba!' confirmed

Quantum Conundrum players will be treated to two downloadable level packs "later this summer", Square Enix has confirmed.


Both priced at $2.99/240 MS Points, 'The Desmond Debacle' will arrive first on July 31 on Steam, August 14 on PSN and a day later on Xbox Live.

'IKE-aramba!' arrives on August 28 on Steam, September 11 on PSN and September 13 on Xbox.

'The Desmond Debacle' lets you solve new puzzles in "an unexplored wing of the labyrinthine Quadwrangle Manor", while 'IKE-aramba' you have to rescue IKE (Interdimensional Kinetic Entity) and "leap seemingly endless chasms while traveling through a newly discovered wing of Quadwrangle Manor".

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