Square Enix releases new Sleeping Dogs walkthrough video

Feel like an action hero with Sleeping Dogs

Square Enix have unveiled a new walkthrough video for Sleeping Dogs, taking us through a sample mission called 'Mrs Chus' Revenge.'

You don't want to get on Mrs Chu's bad side

The new video for Sleeping Dogs, shows off 8 minutes of gameplay set during the Mrs Chu's Revenge mission.

The video reveals how Wei's police connections allow him to triangulate phone calls to locate the person of interest, and the way hand-to-hand combat, shooting and driving will be executed.

The game appears to play out fluidly, with Wei seamlessly going from melee combat to using a knife, to using a gun. Cover is described as "aggressive cover" where the player doesn't hide behind an object and shoot from a safe position, but rather vault over objects to disarm enemies, take their weapon and start offloading bullets.

The use of slow-motion allows the player to gain an advantage while vaulting out of cover, and will make for some cool cinematic kills if performed correctly.

The most interesting thing shown in the video has to be the car chase. Once again, slow-motion is used when you first bring out your gun while driving, to assist in targeting the enemy, but what really makes the car chases exciting is the way Wei jumps from one vehicle to another.

In the video Wei jumps from a motorcycle, to the car of the man he is chasing, enters through the window and takes over.

Talking about it really doesn't do it justice, you just have to to watch it for yourself.