Company of Heroes 2 gets frosty

ColdTech system creates realistic weather conditions

It wasn't just the German soldiers the Russian's had to fight, the vicious cold of the Soviet winter could prove more deadly than an enemy's gun.

How about this weather?

In maintaining a sense of realism, weather has become the "third player" in THQ's upcoming strategy game Company of Heroes 2.

During the time of World War II, the Soviet winter would have experienced temperatures of -40 degrees F. That's cold enough to freeze skin in minutes.

With Relic Entertainment's Essence Engine 3.0 and its ColdTech system, the effects of such cold temperatures will be felt by players in Company of Heroes 2.

In order to stave off freezing to death, players will need to build fires and place their soldiers in buildings away from the bitter cold.

Not only will the cold kill soldiers, but the snow will have texture and depth making it increasingly difficult to walk through, or for vehicles to drive through.

The ice can be used as a weapon to slow down enemy vehicles and infantry, it can also collapse or be destroyed under enemy soldiers, causing them to fall in the freezing Russian waters.

Quinn Duffy, game director at Relic Entertainment stated "Company of Heroes 2 is all about authenticity and no game based on the Eastern Front would be complete without extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the enhanced technology offered by the new Essence Engine we are able to accurately portray the bitter Soviet winter which crippled the German army."

With the ColdTech system, Company of Heroes 2 has truly captured the horrors of a Soviet winter during war.