Nintendo no longer selling 3DS at a loss

As of today the handheld costs more to buy than it does to manufacture

Nintendo has announced that as of today it's no longer selling 3DS hardware below manufacturing costs.


While Sony and Microsoft systematically sell their new consoles at a loss - initially at least - Nintendo has always resisted such tactics, instead balancing production costs to maintain a profit margin on its hardware.

But a significant 3DS price cut last August, introduced just six months after the system launched to lacklustre early sales, meant the company took a hit on every unit sold.

Earlier today Nintendo reported a £143 million loss for the three months ended June 30, but the battling platform holder said it's encouraged by 3DS sales. 1.86 million units were shifted during the quarter, up 162 percent compared to the same period last year.

Nintendo has sold a total of 19 million 3DS units since the handheld launched in Japan last February.

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