LIKE: The Strider

We pay tribute to Half-Life's iconic tripedal giants

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LIKE: The Strider

First appearance: Half-Life 2 (2004)
Created by: Ted Backman (Valve)
Animations: Bill Fletcher (Valve)

Gordon Freeman is a scientist forced into the suit of an action hero and the Striders are a graceful alien species forced into the exoskeleton of his enemy.

There is a sense of loss and missed opportunity to their encounters. Had their paths crossed under different circumstances, the MIT graduate would perhaps have made the most extraordinary scientific sighting of his career.

Yet instead they battle through the heart of City 17 with that irony lingering. Buildings are pulverised, roads collapse, cars are kicked into the air and bullets scatter across the floor as both attempt to end each other.

In pure videogame terms, it's a gripping game of cat-and-mouse. In one of the final levels of Half-Life 2 ("Follow Freeman"), Dr Freeman must dash between increasingly vulnerable hiding points and scavenge for rocket launcher ammunition in a bid to defend himself:

Close Close
Early design by Ted Backman features more pronounced combine branding

The Strider is an imposing, fascinating creature; A tripedal giant roughly fifty feet in height, most of which is accounted for by its awkward, gangly legs. Like most adversaries in the Half-Life 2 narrative, it is a synth; not strictly organic nor purely mechanical either.

Half-Life 2's prime antagonists, an alien race known locally as the Combine, routinely invade planets, capture and indoctrinate the alpha species, before enhancing them with complex weaponry as part of a wider plan to create an evolving army of the most dominant organisms in the universe.

Because there is no record of what Striders were before they were captured, their evolved design carries a visual tension between what is organic and what is applied; an ambiguity between the natural and the augmented.

Early design by Ted Backman, before torso was pressed into a more compact shape

Striders have brains of similar size to humans yet placed above their skull is a manufacturer's logo. They stroll like elephants when upright and scuttle like spiders when in chase. They have an exoskeleton tough enough to resist rocket fire and a pulse beam that eradicates entire buildings, yet if defeated, a deeply mournful cry lifts out from them as their heavy amour crumples to the ground. They are not destroyed, but killed.

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