Resident Evil 6: The First 15 Hours

Biohazard veteran Ben Griffin plays all three story threads in Capcom's biggest game ever

This article originally appeared in PSM3 and Xbox World magazines.

Resident Evil 6's Ustanak makes Nemesis look like a baby. He's 10ft of walking, grunting bio-weapon, with scarred flaps of sickeningly pale skin stapled over a deformed slab of skull, and a mean right hand that looks like Wolverine after falling on a TV antennae. He's basically Nemesis' harder older brother, and torments you throughout Resident Evil 6.


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In many ways, the monster embodies the Resident Evil series - with its mad, quasi-scientific, hybrid of plot threads and gameplay styles. This is a universe of kick-ass agents with boyband haircuts, Spanish midgets and undead clergy, and then mutated great whites. It's utterly ridiculous - but ridiculous is why we love it. Instead of buckling under the pressure to be a horror, a shooter, an RPG or a zombie-suplexer, Resident Evil 6 tries to unite the disparate elements of a tonally-schizophrenic franchise. Does it succeed? We've played 15 hours across all three solo campaigns, with mixed results.


The campaign is a triple-pronged attack, a one-size-fits-all narrative following the separate stories of three two-man teams, combining classic Resi sneakery, nu-Resi shooting, and blockbuster action beats that are only now possible. This is Capcom's biggest game ever - more money, more men and more development time. Resident Evil 6 is a very big deal.


It's more linear than other Resi games, but no less exhilarating

All of which is running through my head as Deadward Scissor Hands (alternative name) gives chase. I'm new guy Jake Muller, son of big blond bioterrorist Albert Wesker who was last seen in Resident Evil 5 melting into lava post-volcano showdown. If this were The Spice Girls, Jake would be the sporty one, and soon breaks into a sprint. Left for dead in the fictional European country of Edonia, and with Ustanak on my back, there's only one way out for me - towards the camera. After, you'll run away from the camera, leaping over rotten scaffolding with a QTE. It's more linear than other Resi games, but that doesn't take away from the immediate exhilaration.

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