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Uncharted 3 update adds new 5-on-5 Lab playlist

Plus a "minor fix" related to DLC content

Naughty Dog has released an update for Uncharted 3 that adds a new Lab playlist to the multiplayer offerings.


"Fire up multiplayer and head over to the Lab playlist to engage in 5 v 5 Team Death Match that features riot shields, arm micros, and grenades only," explains the developer.

"Grab a shield for some cover then lob some grenades or spray uzi gunfire in all directions as you try to take down your opponents. Your kickback and boosters are disabled so don't forget the effectiveness of a well planned melee attack from behind!"

The update has also introduced a "minor fix that will correct any trouble with DLC maps not appearing when you had the DLC toggle turned on and you had already downloaded certain map packs."