The summer buyer's guide: The best games of 2012 (so far)

Our top 30 games revealed - and their cheapest prices

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Format: Multi | CVG Ghost Recon Future Soldier review: 8.5 | Cheapest price: £23, Amazon

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"A new direction for Ghost Recon, but one that brings together spec ops realism with excellent player control and an interesting, globe-hopping story."


Dragon's Dogma

Format: Multi | CVG Dragon's Dogma review: 8.5 | Cheapest price: £35, Tesco


"Big, challenging and imaginative, but its hardcore nature won't appeal to everyone. If you have a lot of time, and patience, this is one of the best console RPGs."


FIFA Street

Format: Multi | CVG FIFA Street review: 8.5 | Cheapest price: £24, Sainsburys

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"Polished in a way only EA can, FIFA Street is a quality offshoot - ping pong to the main game's tennis."


Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

Format: Wii | CVG Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise review: 8.9 | Cheapest price: £26, Play.com


"Beat The Beat's sound director says he thinks about the game even when he's in the bath or using the toilet. So will you. Sparkling brilliance, gleefully insanity - just needs more remixes."


SoulCalibur V

Format: Multi | CVG SoulCalibur V review: 8.9 | Cheapest price: £14, ShopTo

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"Faster and more aggressive, SCV is what the series needed. Long term fans may bemoan the changes, but this is the perfect starting point for newcomers."

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