Gamestop offers 3DS XL for £80 if 3DS is traded in

Retailer promises £90 credit for second-hand 3DS

US retail giant Gamestop has launched a new trade-in deal where customers can purchase a new 3DS XL for about £80 if they trade in a 3DS.


The new enlarged handheld, which launches on Friday, is generally sold for about £170.

Those interested in the offer will need to pay for the handheld in full and mail their older machine to Gamestop. After Gamestop approves the older console as working properly, customers are promised a £90 reimbursement.

The 3DS XL is not packaged with a power adapter, meaning that those who trade in their old 3DS will theoretically have to purchase another adapter.

British retailer GAME is also offering the 3DS XL at £80 if a 3DS is traded in.

Nintendo's latest handheld launches in the UK on Friday.