CD Projekt Red hiring "experienced multiplayer programmer"

Looks for pros to work on "upcoming online component of our future games

CD Projekt Red doesn't hold back on dropping juicy hints on its future games in job listings, and its teasing us yet again.


This time the studio pretty much confirms plans to incorporate multiplayer gameplay into its future projects, with a listing searching for "an experienced multiplayer programmer" to "prepare our engine for challenges of upcoming online component of our future games".

The programmer will work on CDPRs new high-end Red Engine, "creating a roadmap of changes necessary to add multiplayer to the Red Engine".

CDPR has said it has five new games on its 'To Do' list, two of which are RPGs - one set "in a dark fantasy world, the recently revealed to be based on the Cyberpunk franchise.

With "experience in developing RPG games" a preference in the job listing, its possible one of the two aforementioned RPGs are in for some multiplayer action.

Via VG247.

[ SOURCE: CDPR Job listing ]