Ouya: New console and controller images

$99 Android console hits $5.5m mark on Kickstarter

The design group working on the new Ouya home console has published a trio of new concept images of the device and its controller.

Ouya, the Android-based games console that sparked an investment craze on Kickstarter, is believed will be as small as a Rubik's Cube when the product is finalised.

So far the project has accumulated $5.5 million with more than 43,000 people backing the project.

The new controller image, shown below, is described as a "work in progress".

"We're still deciding on the buttons. For now, we've stuck with the colour circles as placeholders," read a statement on the official Kickstarter page.

One image of the console appears to be a concept design of it being opened with a screwdriver - Ouya is billed as a 'hackable' console that owners can root for themselves without invalidating their licence.

The system, built by Fuseproject, is expected to pack a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core ARM processor, as well as 1GB of memory, 8 GB of flash storage and two USB ports.

Concept of Ouya console being disassembled by removing just four screws
Concept of the Ouya console, said to be roughly the same size as a Rubik's Cube
Latest concept of the Ouya controller