CDPR plays down 'multiplayer' job ad as R&D

Firm hiring expert to "evaluate our concepts and ideas"

CD Projekt Red has warned gamers not to take this week's widely-reported 'multiplayer programmer' job ad as confirmation of multiplayer in its new RPGs.


The listing seemed fairly revealing in that it appeared clear the firm has multiplayer intentions for its two major in-progress RPGs; one recently revealed to be based on the Cyberpunk franchise and another set "in a dark fantasy world".

But CDPR's head of marketing Michal Platkow-Gilewski says the hired candidate will be for research purposes, and fans shouldn't work on the assumption that multiplayer will definitely be in any of its projects.

"We want to bring to the team someone experienced in this field to evaluate our concepts and ideas. He will be one of backbone elements of our R&D," he told Eurogamer.

"We believe that there's still a lot of space for innovation in the RPG genre. At this stage of our games' development, we want to explore all possible directions, check what would be cool, what's feasible and - always the most important for us - what suits our games the best."

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]