Hybrid release date, trailer details persistent online war

Delayed shooter looks to be making good progress

5th Cell has broken its silence on Hybrid - an online multiplayer shooter with an interesting persistent online world war mechanic.


It's that headlining feature which this new trailer focuses on, explaining how factions will do battle and how you as a player can contribute to the huge persistent war constantly raging online.

In case you hadn't heard, it also confirms a Hybrid release date of August 8 on Xbox Live Arcade - on which it will release as part of Microsoft's 'Summer of Arcade' campaign.

The Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive shooter is the Scribblenauts developer's first 3D game, which was revealed early last year but was pushed way back into 2012 for what appeared to be a complete overhaul.

The extra development time has resulted in some significant changes, including a new look with redesigned characters, new controls and gameplay mechanics and persistent online 'world war'.

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