Need for Speed Most Wanted trailer gets all dirty

Check out a Corvette, a Koenigsegg and a Hummer in the rough

Need for Speed Most Wanted may have some sweet-looking cars, but it's not for people who want to look pretty.


This latest trailer features the Corvette ZR1, The Koenigsegg Agera R and The Hummer H1 Alpha, but it's not admiring the sun's reflection of their shiny paint. It's all about trashing them to hell.

Anyone who's played Burnout Paradise will have a good idea of what this Criterion-developed racer will be all about.

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the Xbox 360 box art displayed at the end of a recent Need for Speed: Most Wanted gameplay video appeared to sport the purple "Better with Kinect sensor" banner, suggesting Kinect support is featured. EA is yet to comment, but may do so in its showcase event tonight.