QuakeCon 2012: Carmack addresses RAGE problems; Doom 4

...and id Tech 4 runs on a Vita

id Software's annual QuakeCon festival is in full swing, with John Carmack's keynote speech outlining the developer's new focus on AAA titles (ie - Doom 4) and offering an acknowledgment of RAGE's problems.


During his speech, Carmack revealed that id's resources have been streamlined to focus solely on AAA titles in the form of Doom 4, suggesting the developer's mobile concerns have been put on the backburner.

Carmack also addressed RAGE's post-launch teething problems, namely the difficulty PC users experienced with the game. He conceded that id hadn't handled the launch well and that the studio had learned from its mistakes. According to IGN, he also commented on the game's notoriously lacklustre ending.

Carmack also said that during the studio's development of Doom 3: BFG Edition the crew got the PS Vita to run id Tech 4, though with the studio's AAA focus it's unlikely that platform is a priority at the moment.

While it's abundantly clear that Doom 4 is currently in development, Carmack offered no clues as to when it would hit the street.