Tekken Tag 2: 20-minute tutorial & Fight Lab trailer

Plenty to see of Namco Bandai's latest fighter

Namco Bandai's going wild with footage for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, as its September release draws near.


There are a couple of videos below; the first is a trailer showing off the new Fight Lab mode, which lets you "train and master your skills through a series of mini-games" while playing as Combot.

You'll also see how you can modify your Combot's appearance and, for the first time, his move set.

The second video is a 20-minute-long tutorial showing off some basic techniques to begin with before delving into the more nitty-gritty tactics. It's part-one of a series, so we expect it'll get pretty hardcore, and will be a good one to follow if you want to be an advanced fighter.

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