Sleeping Dogs review arrives: '2012's most brilliantly brutal surprise'

OPM UK awards crime-em-up 9/10

The first Sleeping Dogs review has arrived via Official PlayStation Magazine UK and it's an impressive 9/10.


Editor Ben Wilson describes Square's open world crime game as "the best bits of a load of games you love pooled together with intelligence and humour."

The review adds: "This is the game Saints Row has spent a decade desperate to be, a rollercoaster open-world adventure set in an environment that's fun to explore and doss about in, and packed to the brim with rousing missions, happy diversions and other amazing stuff."

OPM's review concludes: "It's unquestionably 2012's most brilliantly brutal surprise, and you're duty-bound to check it out".

Originally developed for Activision under the name True Crime: Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs - as it became known - was later dropped by the Call of Duty publisher and then snapped up by Square Enix last summer.

It's looking like we should probably look forward to it... a lot.