Valve's Half-Life 3 silence is the right policy, says id's Tim Willits

Doom 4 studio to keep quiet from now on

Id Software has pointed to the notoriously tight-lipped nature of developers Valve and Bethesda Softworks as the way forward for the Doom 4 studio.


Speaking in an interview with Penny Arcade, id's creative director Tim Willits said that after a four year stretch from announcement to release day, the developer's accepted that it showed its latest shooter Rage far too early - and it won't make the same mistake again.

In future, he added, the house of Quake and Wolfenstein will be adopting the hush-hush strategy of the aforementioned Half-Life and Skyrim studios.

"One thing we did learn with Rage, one of the things that changed was going from no publisher to working with EA to working with Bethesda, we learned that we showed stuff too damn early," he said.

"I've said in some talks I was so worried that people would not understand the vehicle-based combat so I talked about it first," he added, conceding that eventually the early vehicle footage skewed the public's perception of Rage.

"You know, everyone knows that Valve is working on Half-Life 3, and I think it's fine. It will be cool when people see it, and they'll be excited.

"When we're ready to show stuff, we'll have a plan," Willits concluded, pointing to Skyrim as a model example.

"Everyone knew what Todd Howard was working on," he said of the Elder Scrolls dev, calling its ten month campaign from announce to release "perfect".

"Hopefully we can do that again."