Sleeping Dogs review: 9/10 in OXM - 'A better game than we were expecting'

Second glowing review arrives for Square Enix brawler

OXM UK is the second publication to put out their Sleeping Dogs review, and it's another glowing verdict for the Square Enix crime-em-up.


In its latest issue the mag awards the open-world effort a 9/10, calling it "a Wei better game than we were expecting."

The score follows another 9/10 from OPM UK's own Sleeping Dogs review, which boldly describes the title as "2012's most brilliantly brutal surprise".

OXM calls Sleeping Dogs "A gripping vision of Hong Kong which sports majestic driving, a sharp, well-acted storyline and varied missions," only reserving criticism for the fairly short (by genre standards at least) 14-hour main story.

Originally developed for Activision under the name True Crime: Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs - as it became known - was later dropped by the Call of Duty publisher and then snapped up by Square Enix last summer.