Star Wars 1313: A new generation of Star Wars gaming

LucasArts' first mature Star Wars title could be destined for greatness...

There are no Force Grips or Force Barriers in Star Wars 1313. No lightsabers, either.

What there are instead are bounty hunters with blaster pistols, precious cargoes and a whole lot of unlawful behaviour.


This is a third-person action game hailing from Uncharted stock (both cover-based shooting and fingertip climbing were showcased in our brief gameplay demo) and is LucasArts' first step towards a brighter future for Star Wars titles. The exact storyline is currently a secret, but we do know you play as a bounty hunter headed down to the 1313th level of Coruscant.

Star Wars fans should know Coruscant is a city-planet more than 5,000 levels deep, so down in the criminal undercity you'll find zero sunlight and plenty of vices and insalubrious characters. Creative Director Dominic Robilliard chooses to use words such as 'danger', 'threat', 'sinister' and 'ruthlessness' to describe the task ahead: not your usual buzzwords when talking about Star Wars gaming. But then, as this is LucasArts' first ever Mature-rated Star Wars title, this isn't your usual Star Wars game...

Our demo shows our nameless hero and his partner on a cargo ship bound for 1313 when an explosion knocks them backwards and scatters crates for cover. They pick themselves up and shoot their attackers (at one point the protagonist even reaches over cover and drags a man over, Nathan Drake-style). When the ship's sides are blown off a few people go flying out to certain doom, and our partner throws a grenade into an escape pod and ejects it straight into the belly of our boarders' ship not 20 feet away.

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With both ships worse for wear our man leaps out to the burning vehicle nearby and starts clambering over the exposed pipes and framework as its bodywork falls into the void. How does it all end? Well... we don't know - the demo comes to an abrupt cliffhanger and we find ourselves desperate to see more. We're calling it now: this is destined to be a true Star Wars great.