New Super Mario Bros. 2 trailer shows mental hard levels

And plays homage to the almighty Super Mario Bros. 3

If you're not looking forward to New Super Mario Bros. 2, this trailer might be the spanner required to tighten that loose screw in your brain.


Nintendo has made a habit of reusing the same gameplay footage for its various NSMB2 trailers, but this trailer (via VG247) got a load of new footage from levels you may have not yet seen, and some look awesomely tough - just how we like it.

In our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review we said it's "yet another great Mario platform game, with some cracking new features".

SPOILER WARNING: The last few seconds of the trailer appear to offer a glimpse at what looks like a finale boss fight. No shocking revelations, but we thought we'd warn you in case you go banana's over such things...

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