'Xbox Durango dev kit' for sale on eBay

SuperDaE returns with dev hardware up for auction

An auction for what is claimed to be an 'Xbox Durango Development Kit' has appeared on eBay.


The auction seller goes by the handle of SuperDaE - the same name used by the anonymous culprit who claimed to leak images of Kinect 2 last week (and who uses the same Twitter account under that name).

In July, SuperDae published images of the Durango development kit, which industry sources claimed were genuine.

There's only one picture of the unit in the auction post (thanks NeoGAF, via Kotaku), which shows only a fairly normal-looking black PC case, and there's no further info on what's inside it or the SDK included.

The auction is by no means verification that the item is real or that the poster is not a hoax seeking five minutes of internet fame, but there are clearly some who think it could be real; at the time of writing the auction had hit $14,300 with 37 bids. [UPDATE: It's ended at over $20,000.]>/i>

And if it is real we'd be shocked if Microsoft lets this auction go through unchallenged.

[ SOURCE: eBay ]