Spec Ops: The Line dev working on 'big project' - dev

Not likely to be a sequel, claims report

Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager is hard at work on a 'big project', according to a developer at the studio.


Joystiq reports that the revelation came from design lead Jorg Friedrich, speaking to the site at GDC Europe.

Friedrich was, however, unwilling to divulge any further details, such as what the project is or whether 2K Games would be its publisher as with Spec Ops.

He did, however, admit in the same conversation that sales for Spec Ops: The Line "doesn't look too great", leading the site to suggest that the new project is unlikely to be a sequel.

Spec Ops: The Line reviews were mostly positive, praising the game for attempting to make the act of killing mean something more than your average shooter.