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Sony Gamescom conference - As it happened

PS3 house wows the crowd with new games and services

Sony's press conference was perhaps the most anticipated of Gamescom 2012 and it lived up to expectations by teasing an exciting mixture of new IPs and services across all its PlayStation platforms.


Sony kicked off with a sprightly game montage touting the numerous first and third party games coming to its consoles. Titles including PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Last of Us, Dust 514 and Final Fantasy XIV blinked by and segued nicely into new PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale character reveals.

Other announcements included Tearaway, Media Molecule's new game, Rain, and Puppeteer, two new PSN titles developed by Sony's Japan studios.

Guerilla Games also offered up Killzone Mercenary, a new shooter developed specifically for PS Vita.

On the service side Sony unveiled the wallet-friendly Cross Buy scheme, confirmed PSone games on Vita will be playable from August 28 and hinted at plans to expand PlayStation Plus to PS Vita.

Read out our moment-by-moment account of the conference below.


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