Anonymous claims PSN hack affecting 10 million

Hacker boasts of 50GB database theft, posts email addresses

A member of hacker group Anonymous has claimed to have hacked the PlayStation Network.


According to the 'hacker', a 50GB database of user information has been stolen, affecting some 10 million people.

A list of email addresses and seemingly encrypted passwords has been published, linked to via Anonymous' Twitter account.

But are the claims genuine? Evidence suggests not; as Kotaku reports, the list of supposed PSN email addresses released by the hacker appears to be a cut-and-paste of a previous and seemingly unrelated email list posted back in March.

Regardless, probably worth nipping online and changing your password, just in case.

Sony is yet to respond to requests for comment.

The threat of another PSN hack will be no small thing for PlayStation owners who endured weeks of PSN downtime and the threat of identity theft when the network was hit with a series of major attacks last year.

Update: Sony Computer Entertainment America's Shane Bettenhausen has deemed the claims "totally fake" via a Twitter post that has since seemingly been deleted.

Update 2: Sony has confirmed to CVG that the claims are "completely false". Hit the link for the full statement.