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25 Strangest Nintendo Characters

Nintendoland is filled with magic, fun and... weirdos

This article originally appeared in Nintendo Gamer magazine.



She's so macho...
Muscle March is one of the strangest games ever released. It's a WiiWare title developed by Namco Bandai where you have to chase after a thief who has stolen your tub of protein powder. There are seven different characters, including a bodybuilder with a rubber duck in his afro, one who wears a pair of goggles, and a polar bear. Clearly, the dev team couldn't be bothered to create a different sprite for the token female, so they just stuck a pink bikini top on the male one. And... flex!


Watch out Hyrule, Beedle's about
Beedle's a travelling shopkeeper in the Legend Of Zelda series, a merchant who prefers to buy and sell goods wearing only a pair of shorts with a picture of a beetle strategically printed on them. His name also alludes to his Beatles-style mop top hairdo. He has a rock star temperament too: in Skyward Sword, if Link leaves his airship without buying anything, Beedle throws a tantrum and dumps him out of a trap door.


Taking the buff with the smooth
Samson and Adon are two super buff muscle men with lasers drilled into their heads who prance around dressed only in their tighty whities, battling bodybuilding snowman, manfish and lots of men in pants. Cho Aniki Bakuretsu Rantou Hen was developed by Masaya for the SNES in 1995, and two of their games can also be found on the Virtual Console, although sadly not in Europe, which is, frankly, a crime.



The wannabe fairy who never grew up
What list of strange game characters could be complete without Zelda regular Tingle? This 35-year old man wants to be a fairy and dresses up in a green costume with tight red shorts - which match his bright red nose. Why red? Is he a secret lemonade drinker? Who knows. His catchphrase is "Tingle, Tingle, kooloo-limpah!" and he likes to float around on a bright red balloon. He stars in his very own game, Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, along with two Japan-only titles for the Tingle completist.


He's going to play his song on and on and on
A recurring character in the Zelda universe, Guru Guru is a simple man with a simple wish. He just wants to play his favourite song over and over again. So that's what he does, churning out the Song Of Storms on his portable phonograph, every waking minute of every day. This makes him happy, although it may affect listeners differently.

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