Steam Big Picture mode gets beta next month

Valve's digi service optimized for TVs coming "soon"

Valve's Greg Coomer has revealed that Steam's Big Picture mode will get a beta test next month.


Big Picture mode, first announced last year, is an update that will optimize Steam for use on a TV. It'll allow gamers to better enjoy their Steam collection via the big screen without menus and text that'll be redesigned for sofa play, and will boast controller support.

Coomer said during last night's episode of GTTV that the Big Picture beta will go live in "early September", but the final release of the service was left unconfirmed, with "soon" offered as the vague ETA.

"Heading to the living room-or anywhere there's a big screen-is Steam's soon-to-be-released big-picture mode, offering simple, easy-to-read navigation designed specifically for TV," explains Valve. "With full controller support, big-picture mode will let gamers kick back and enjoy their favorite games on the biggest screen in the house.

"Steam's big-picture mode doesn't require any additional development from you. Just ensure your game works well with a controller, and we'll take care of the rest. And don't worry, keyboard and mouse aren't going anywhere-users will be able to switch between input devices at any time," it adds.