Street Fighter maestro Ono advising on Remember Me combat

Fledgling French studio "will benefit from his wisdom"

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono is assisting in the development of Remember Me, the game's developer has announced.


Speaking to Eurogamer Mat Hart, senior producer of the newly announced cyberpunk action game, likened Ono's involvement to Capcom's partnership with Ninja Theory, the Cambridge-based studio working on DmC

"He's my boss and he and I speak very regularly about the game, and he's come out with me to Paris," said Hart. "He knows the team and knows the game very well. I always benefit from his wisdom when I'm chatting to him about how we're progressing."

"It's a bit like the situation Capcom has with [Devil May Cry developer] Ninja Theory," he added. "The strategy of western development is building teams together - Capcom and a developer coming together and making a game together - as opposed to quite an old-fashioned approach of being adversarial. We're moving away from that."

After successfully breathing life back into the fighting game genre with Street Fighter IV Ono handed the Street Fighter reigns over to another member of the team in March.

Hart continued on to say Capcom's push for east meets west collaborations has been a focal point for Dontnod Entertainment's creative director and founding partner Jean-Maxime Moris.

"This is something Jean-Maxime and I have worked on very hard to ensure this is a collaboration. When we saw the game way back last year, we instantly knew this had the DNA to support the Capcom brand and be a really strong part of our portfolio. This is going to be a major franchise for us.

"So having that kind of Capcom crunch you expect, of course, and that's stuff we want to talk about in a much wider context as we get closer to launching the game. At this stage it's fair to say Capcom fans are going to enjoy this game."

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