Sleeping Dogs: 5 Tips to Play Like a Triad Warlord

Producer Dan Sochan's expert insider guide

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Sleeping Dogs has been one of the surprise hits of this summer and in our Sleeping Dogs review, we called it "one of the best open world games of recent years."

So we're all agreed it's a damn fine game, but once you start playing, how do you make the most of Sleeping Dogs' many fine gameplay systems and excellent martial arts action? Well we turned to Dan Sochan, Sleeping Dogs' producer to get his expert tips on how you can play like a Triad Warlord or indeed how to be the best cop you can. Here's five essential tips Dan recommends.


1) Strut your threads

"My number one tip collect clothing sets they're really useful. So you get three matching items and the bottom left of the screen will tell you what clothing set they belongs to. It may not feel like a big thing, you're going to get maybe a 5% bonus increase to your Triad and Cop XP for each mission. But if you think about it, that's just a free 5% for wearing this outfit and it's a really quick way to upgrade your character to give you more abilities, more moves, increase your damage all that kind of thing. It makes a big difference, so it's a really great one to put into practice."

"There's still a few drug bust areas that I consistently struggle to beat , there's twenty guys and a bunch of them have weapons and things coming out you. I love that, I love the fact that there's areas of the game that I'm really challenged playing. Anyway, before I do one of those tougher sorts of missions, I'll go back to the wardrobe and put on a set that gives me increased melee damage, or melee resistance, something like that. "

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