Sleeping Dogs: 5 Tips to Play Like a Triad Warlord

Producer Dan Sochan's expert insider guide

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3) Four wheel frenzy

"In terms of driving, the vehicles definitely handle very differently and so depending on the type of mission or even the type of chase you're involved in pick your car wisely. The European sports cars are absolutely phenomenal for something that requires straight line speed, but if you've got lots of sharp turns and things like that, look at another type of car that's more about drifting.

"When you're looking at the different vehicles, if you're not sure what you want to buy, unlike the real world, you can go steal a car and try it out and see what you like. If you like that type of car then you can buy it. Any car you buy is available from any parking garage around the city. We also have a car valet, a guy you did a favour for, so to return the favour, you can call him at any time and he'll bring you the favourite car that you've set, any where you want in the world within 15 seconds or so. "

"So you're able to use any car that you own to go into different races, so depending on the type of race you want to do in the world, having a variety of different cars with different handling which suits your driving style, will really help you win those races and gain a lot of extra cash. "

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