Sleeping Dogs: 5 Tips to Play Like a Triad Warlord

Producer Dan Sochan's expert insider guide

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4) Become a true martial artist

So with combat, you could get through the fighting with a lot of button mashing, but we do have different fighting and enemy styles. So one enemy is a quick striker and has lots of quick attacks, which doesn't do a ton of damage. But he's really quick to recover if you hit him and he can get back in and try and counter you quickly.

"Then there's the brawlers who are the tough toe-to-toe and they inflict quite a bit of damage and the best way is often is to kind of stun them or use a grapple move on them.

"Then we have the grapplers who are kind of big beefy looking characters - you'll never ever be able to grapple them, they'll always win cos they've got a 150 pounds on you. So the best thing to do with them is get lots of quick attacks in and put them off-balance and then finish them off with some big heavy attacks.

"By doing a variety of moves and not just hitting the same button all the time, not only is it more visually rewarding because you'll see some really cool moves, but you'll actually get more style points which will give you higher XP. So combine that all together and you're able to upgrade your player more quickly and defeat enemies in a variety of different styles. You can use the environmental combat props around you as well for an additional bonus."

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