Peter Molyneux's Curiosity delayed

22 Cans' first release now arriving in September

22 Cans' debut project Curiosity has been delayed to September, having originally been slated for release today, August 22.


Peter Molyneux's new project is the first of 22 experimental games from his new studio, all designed to gather user data. That information will then be used in another of Molyneux's games, which the former Lionhead boss plans to release in two years' time.

Curiosity presents the player with a single black cube, which will be slowly chipped away by users tapping on it until it finally breaks open. Molyneux has promised that once open, the cube will reveal something "truly amazing" and "absolutely unique".

22 Cans has also courted publicity by revealing plans to offer a £50,000 piece of DLC - a diamond chisel many times more powerful than a standard tapping tool.

Here's a new teaser, which was released today:

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