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VOTE: Best box art of 2012

Cast your votes...

This morning we received a Borderlands 2 press pack modelled after a classic game box.

The oversized package features a garishly proportioned hero with one of his sausage-fingered hands around the waist of a not-so-fair maiden. His other hand is clasped around a revolver that looks better suited for lighting cigarettes than firing bullets. It's horrendous looking, cancerous to the eyes even, and yet we love it.

We've been thinking about box art quite a bit over the last few hours and thought it would be the perfect subject for this week's Vote feature.


Below is a collection of cover art for all the biggest games of 2012. Get your judgemental hats on and vote for the best and worst.


Asura's Wrath

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  • 6.5 

    1: Borderlands 2

  • 6.5 

    2: Dishonored

  • 6.1 

    3: Halo 4

  • 6.1 

    4: Far Cry 3

  • 5.9 

    5: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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