Next gen consoles: Five quantum leap features to expect

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Oskari Hakkinen, head of franchise development at Remedy, said in an interview published earlier today that the next generation of consoles represent "a quantum leap" from systems available today.

While the platform holders have yet to announce the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, or whatever they will eventually be named, the likelihood is that at least one new console will arrive in 2013.

Here, we analyse five key features that will shape and define the next generation.


1. 4K resolution displays

Stunning visuals are always a crowd pleaser, and graphical improvements tend to be the first thing the average consumer recognises when comparing two hardware generations side by side.

Most recently Yahoo reported that PS4 will support ultra HD '4K Resolution' displays. 4K resolution is the term used in digital cinematography to broadly describe a resolution (pixel count) of around 4000 pixels horizontally on a display. This is similar to 'Ultra HD', or 'Quad Full High Definition' (QFHD), which at 3840x2160, is exactly four times today's full HD resolution of 1920x1080.

With 3D failing to take off as the next big thing, Sony and the rest of the big players in the TV industry are looking for a new way to get consumers to upgrade their sets. Given that Sony's already selling 4K Blu-ray players, similar support for games and movies on PS4 seems highly likely.

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