'Emotional aspects' are key to modern game design, says Keiji Inafune

Advances in realistic, more sensational gaming has 'hit the ceiling'

Games have strived for years to be more realist and 'more sensational', but having hit their pique, development is now placing a greater emphasis on emotion.


That's according to Mega Man and Resident Evil creator, Keiji Inafune, who says that all of his games will, from now on, focus on delivering strong emotional experiences.

"I've watched the evolution of games and the games industry for the last 25 years; I've always had a front-row seat," said Inafune. "In many modern action games, it's about how realistic you can make the experience, how sensational the action is," he told the PS Blog.

"But the creators of the best games today have realized that they need to do something more than becoming more realistic, more sensational - it's probably already hit the ceiling," he went on, suggesting a plateau in gaming's hunt for better graphics.

"[Developers] thinking about creating something new by including that emotional aspect. In thinking globally, in order to compete with the top game creators today, I've also had to think about including that emotional aspect. The games I work on will all include that as a big theme."

True to his word, Inafunne's latest game is Soul Sacrifice, a dark and twisted Vita exclusive that toys with the player's morality as it demands that they fight demons using spells conjured when they sacrifice parts of their body. The bigger the sacrifice, the stronger the spell.

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